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Tracy Campbell is the secondary antagonist of The Rage: Carrie 2. She is portrayed by Charlotte Ayanna.

After she starts noticing her ex-boyfriend Jesse is coming close to the outcast and seemingly ordinary Rachel Lang, Tracy sets up a prank to humiliate Rachel and tear them apart, unaware of Rachel's violent psychic power and its proportion when she is full of rage.


A beautiful and popular cheerleader at Bates High School, Tracy is best friends with Monica and dated Jesse Ryan. After a girl commited suicide on campus, Tracy was asked by Jesse about it. It did not bother her that a girl "Offed Herself", which Tracy reacted coldly because "She Wasn't Anybody", much for Jesse's shock. As he took her home, Tracy watched Jesse leave angry at her. Much to Tracy's annoyance, Jesse later asked Rachel Lang, an outcast girl, out. At the schoolyard, Tracy watched over her as Rachel's friend Arnie warned her about Tracy. Rachel looked back and admitted that Tracy was "Beautiful". Tracy started feeling "Disrespected" that Jesse could be dating someone like Rachel, instead of someone "Who Counts", only to annoy her, and complained to Monica and Mark that she would like to make him "Come To His Senses". The group then set up a plan to humiliate Rachel and tear the couple apart. Tracy saw as Rachel arrived for the game and witness Jesse's victory, and later vandalized Jesse's car to make him think it was the rival team who did it. Tracy took Jesse to her house and attempted to seduce him by wearing a blue dress, similar to that of Rachel's when the two went out. A hasty Jesse reacted indiferently, and Tracy soothed him, saying that if Rachel really liked him, she would wait at the party. The prank worked out as planned, but it backfired ghastly as Rachel, posessed by rage, massacred Tracy's friends with her telekinetic powers. Tracy and Jesse finally arrived and found Mark's house on hellfire, which horrified Tracy. As Jesse called for Rachel, Tracy saw her coming, and Rachel caused the ceiling on fire to fall on her, killing Tracy.

Tracy's death.

Notes and Trivia

  • In the script Tracy was described as an “Icy Blonde” who can spend all day checking her makeup.

Tracy is based on Chris Hargensen

  • In the film, Tracy's role is almost entirely replaced by Monica:
    • In the original script, it is Tracy who wears D.K.N.Y. glasses and is present at the party.
    • When the massacre strikes up, Tracy's body is protected by that of Monica's, who is instantly hit by the shattered glass and killed. Tracy rushes to join Mark and Eric against Rachel with the weapons.
    • Tracy is killed after Rachel shatters her glasses.
  • At one point in the original script, Tracy comments about Rachel's gothic look: "She's not very good in daylight, is she? Wonder where she keeps her coffin."