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Tommy Ross is a main character in "Carrie (2002)". He is portrayed by Tobias Mehler


In this version Tommy has a lot of consideration and respect for Carrie before Sue asks him to take Carrie to the prom. Throughout the film this is shown when he throws a book at a boy in the library who makes fun of her. Later on, when Sue asks him to take Carrie to the prom, he is hesitant, because he thinks the idea is mean and she and everyone else will think its a joke.

However he does give in to Sue and goes up to Carrie in the library and asks her if she wants to be his prom date, she cannot believe what she has just heard and walks of saying she does not want to be tricked, but Tommy reasures her, that it is not a trick and that Sue doesn't want to go to prom and even tells her that she thinks Carrie is mysterious and has a lot more going on in her life than most people will ever know. Carrie then accepts and thanks him and walks of smiling with Tommy smiling back at her.

On the night of the prom he comes to Carrie's house in a limosuine (Contrary to the previous version where they drive in his car). Later on at the prom they meet up with Helen Shyres and Roy Evarts with whom they sit with at a table. When it comes to voting the prom king and queen they vote for themselves and so do Roy and Helen. Later on when they are elected Prom King and Queen, the blood falls on Carrie causing him to get furious. Chris then drops the bucket  after having enjoyed the event for a while in order to get away from the place, which hits Tommy in the head killing him.

After that moment, together with the following laughter, Carrie goes into shock and a trance and starts to kill everyone. Only Miss Desjardin and a few students, including Norma make it out alive.