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Tina Blake
Name: Christina Blake
Role: Antagonist
Status: Alive

Christina Blake also known as Tina Blake is a supporting character in Carrie (Novel).


Tina Blake is best friends with Chris Hargensen and was one of the girls who bullied Carrie. She is described as a small girl with a billow of red hair. Sue Snell also describes her and Chris as being thicker than thieves. She was involved in the shower incident throwing tampons and sanitary napkins at Carrie when she got her first period in the shower. She is on the prom committee and turns a blind eye, so Chris can look at the ballots and other stuff. At the prom Tina wears a black dress and Carrie says that she, and Norma Watson who was dressed the same, looked like cigarette girls in an old gangster movie. The two stand at the door and hand out programs and later they hand out ballots, with Tina possibly helping to rig the election so Carrie and Tommy are named the winners. When the blood is dumped on Carrie, Tina is standing with Norma and Stella Horan. When Norma realizes its blood Tina screams loudly. When the mayhem begins Norma attempts to get Tina and leave but Tina doesn't leave yet. [Norma still tries and grabs Tina's arm and pulls her towards the door, but it isn't until Josie Vreck is caught on fire that Tina listens to Norma and tries to leave. The two run down the hallway and make it out the fire doors before everyone is electrocuted.

It is implied, that she lives somewhere isolated out of shame and fear, that her role in the massacre might be exposed.


  • While most sources say Tina swaps the ballots, this is not confirmed. Tina and the rest of Chris's friends had a role in making sure that the two of them win, and it is possible that Tina replaced the ballots, however, it is implied that Tina and the others just threw their votes to Tommy and Carrie.
  • This is the only version of the character to survive.
  • Tina in the 2002 TV film dates Kenny Garson and in the 2013 remake she dates Jackie Talbot. Her date is not mentioned in the novel.
  • This is the only version where she has red hair.
  • Tina had no knowledge of the blood. It is likely that Tina swapped the ballots with Norma, but she was shocked and seemingly horrified after being informed that the stuff on Carrie was blood, yet she also laughed in the end.