The Ultras

The Ultras are the main antagonists of Carrie (2002).
The ultras

Norma Watson describes them as ultrapopular, ultrapretty, etc. to Detective Mulchaey. They like to tease others in class, especially Carrie White. They all die at The Black Prom except Sue Snell



The Ultras at the Prom


The Ultra's DeathsEdit


  • In the novel they are originally called "The Mortimer Snerds", But in this adaptation they are called "The Ultras".
  • Sue was the only non-Caucasian member of the group.
  • Rachel and Helen were the only Ultras to be running for Prom Queen.
  • Sue would have also been running for Prom Queen, But since she asked her boyfriend, Tommy Ross to take Carrie White to the Prom instead her, She was replaced with Carrie.