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The Mortimer Snerds are a clique of popular girls led by Chris Hargensen. They are the main antagonists of the novel.


Part Of The Prank

  • Chris orchestrates the prank and pulls the rope.
  • Tina is involved in ensuring that Carrie White and Tommy Ross win. It is unknown whether Tina replaces the ballots with fake ones or if they all throw their votes to Tommy and Carrie.


  • Chris is killed in a car crash with Billy.
  • Tina barely escapes to the parking lot just before Carrie sends the wires down to the water covered floor.
  • Helen, The Thibodeau Sisters, Rachel, and Jessica's fates weren't confirmed.


  • Norma Watson, Ruth Gogan, Rhonda Simard, Vicky Hanscom, Jeanne Gault, Maureen Cowan, Myra Crewes, Jessica MacLean, Stella Horan, Sally McManus, Cindi and Fern were speculated as being members, but it is unconfirmed.
  • Their name is a nickname given by Mr. Morton, who refers to them as "Chris and her Mortimer Snerds." Mortimer Snerd is actually a ventriloquist dummy by Edgar Bergen