The Mortimer Snerds
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Name of Group: The Mortimer Snerds
Role: Villains
Member Deceased
Cause of Deaths: Sprayed with fire hose: Norma and Katie.
Knocked over: Helen, Cora , Julia, Rhonda
Burned: Pollack,Alice, TrudyRuth and Mary Lila
Burned in an explosion: Chris

Nancy Allen (Chris)
Amy Irving (Sue)
P. J. Soles (Norma)
Edie McClurg (Helen)
Deirdre Berthrong (Rhonda)
Cindy Daly (Cora)
Sharon Benson (Ruth)
Terry Bolo (Trudy)
Katie Irving (Katie)
Janie Squire (Julia)
Cynthia Schuler Larsen (Alice)
N/A (Pollack)
N/A (Mary Lila)
N/A (Mary)

The Mortimer Snerds are a clique of popular girls led by Chris Hargensen. They are the main antagonists of the 1976 film. They all die at the hands of Carrie White, Except Sue Snell and Mary Blake who was suspended.

Known Members


  • The Mortimer Snerd's Deaths in order were:
  1. Helen - slipped and fell off a table and burned
  2. Katie - Sprayed by the hose, knocked unconscious and burned
  3. Norma - Sprayed by the hose causing her to crash into a table and later got incinerated.
  4. Cora & Julia, - Stampeded by students and got slammed into a wall and presumably got trampled or burned to death.
  5. Rhonda - Knocked over by students, tripped and fell and got knocked unconscious and later got incinerated
  6. Pollack and Trudy either incinerated or got electrocuted
  7. Alice, Mary Lila and Ruth - likely incinerated
  8. Chris - Car got flipped over and exploded and caused her & Billy to burn to death.


The Mortimer Snerds' Deaths

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