The Black Party

The Black Party is an event, that happened at Mark Bing´s house

and can only be compared with The Black Prom, because telekinesis was also part of it. It took place on September 18, 1999. Mark Bing and many students and friends wanted to celebrate the success of the football team and there Mark Bing, the football team and the cheerleaders wanted to execute their plan to humiliate Rachel in revenge for having helped the authorities in the investigation of Lisa´s death and in an effort to alienate Rachel from Jesse. It succeeded, but then Rachel uses her telekinetic powers, which they didn´t know about and which she inherited from her father Ralph White, snaps because of the horrible humiliation and kills most of the members of the party in revenge for her humiliation and for Lisa´s death, including all, who participated in the humiliation. She also caused the house to burn down. She died there, too.

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Known Casualties

Known Survivors

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