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Sue Snell (2002)
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Helen Shyres
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Chris Hargensen
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Kandyse McClure

Sue Snell is a character in Carrie (2002). Due to the story being told in a non-linear storytelling by the use of police interviews in the present and flashbacks, it's confirmed from the very beginning that Sue survived the Black Prom.

2002 FilmEdit

Susan D. "Sue" Snell was portrayed by Kandyse McClure, whose characterization sported a hair style similar to that of Irving's version. As this version more closely follows the novel's plot (and rather loosely follows the original film's), Sue possessed most of the character traits shared by her two other counterparts and he wanted her boyfriend Tommy to go out with her, but here she additionally assisted Carrie with putting on her make-up. The other two incarnations did not do this. Helen admired her and Chris hated her for that. Like in the novel she wasn´t at the Prom and went to town, when she began to see the fires and spotted Carrie on her way home.

She followed her and later found Carrie at her home in a bathtub full of red bloody water and her dead mother near her. She pulled the girl out and revived her (Carrie's mother attempted to drown her previously). Then she hid her for two weeks for her own protection. Later, after testifying that she found Carrie dead and left her alone, both Sue and Carrie visited Mrs. White's grave and left Chamberlain. Sue took Carrie to Florida, where she could help others who possessed powers similar to hers.

This was the basis for a potential television series, that would have picked up where the film left off. The series was never produced. Therefore it is unknown what happened to Carrie and Sue after they left Chamberlain.


  • This is the first and only version of Sue to be African-American instead of Caucasian.