The Rage Carrie 2 Sherrif Kelton
The Sheriff of Chamberlain in The Rage: Carrie 2 is called Sheriff Kelton. He is played by Clint Jordan.

The sheriff is the one responsible for the investigation into the suicide of Lisa Parker. He dates Sue Snell. He discovers with the help of Rachel, that Eric Stark seduced her, took her virginity awa from her and then dumped her, which caused her suicide. Realising that Eric Stark commited statutory rape and because of Sue´s insistence, who knew, that it was not an isolated incident and that other football team members were acting similarly, he decides to act against him with the help of the A.D.A. to prevent another potential tragedy from happening.

The Senior D.A., however, abuses his power to cover up his misdeed out of political reasons without him being able to do anything about it, triggering the events, which will later lead to The Black Party.