Norma Watson
Name: Norma Watson
Role: Bully
Status: Alive

Norma Watson is a character in Carrie (Novel).


Norma Watson, who was Senior Class President became involved in the story during the scene in the novel, where students were decorating the gym for the upcoming Senior Prom. Her name was mentioned in a conversation between Tina Blake and Chris Hargensen, while the latter received a floor plan of the prom from the former. The next place, where Norma appeared, was at the Prom itself. She was handing out programs and seating people according to a pre-arranged chart. Not long after, Norma dropped a ballot for Prom King and Queen on Carrie and Tommy's table and said "GOOD LUCK!" with a fake and evil smile. Norma then possibly helps in rigging the election to ensure that Carrie and Tommy are named King and Queen, as Chris mentions setting it up. When the prank is pulled, she is standing with Tina and Stella Horan and eventually begins laughing with everyone else. When the mayhem begins, she grabs Tina to attempt to leave, but it it isn't until Josie Vreck catches fire that Tina listens and the two escape backstage just before the wires hit the water covered floor. Some time later, Norma describes her version of the tragic downfall of the Prom in her book, "We Survived The Black Prom" which is in many ways accurate, but it also leaves out everything regarding the question how Carrie was set up.

It is implied, that she lives hidden and in denial for the role she played in the disaster. Still she tries to make the best out of it by writing the small book, in which she doesn't mention her part in the conspiracy, to at least partially ease her pain. Still she will be haunted by it for the rest of her life for this.


  • Norma may have been the ballot swapper. It is also assumed that Tina Blake rigged them, or both, but it´s never explicitly stated. Chris only mentions, that she set it up and Norma is the one in control of the ballots, while Tina is helping her.
  • According to her novel, Norma was unaware of the actual prank itself. Though, this may have been a lie to cover her tracks.