Mark Bing is the main antagonist of The Rage: Carrie 2. He was played by Dylan Bruno.


He and the football team played the game of sleeping with as many girls as possible. According to their rules, those who would have most of the points and girls would win. This game caused (among other things) the suicide of Lisa, Rachel´s best friend. He helped Eric Stark, when he was in problems regarding this matter to the extent of even condoning his behavior regarding Lisa in the name of that game and didn´t even hesitate to behave criminally because of that by trying to intimidate Rachel into not talking to the police regarding it. He also was one of the main conspirators to humiliate Rachel Lang in vengeance for the role she played in the investigation of Lisa Parker´s death. He worked alongside Tracy Campbell and the cheerleaders who wanted to have Jesse back for herself by destroying Rachel. He became victim of his own plot when he was later drowned by Rachel during the Black Party.