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Madeline Pollack is a minor character in Carrie.

She first appeared playing volleyball and leaving when Carrie's team loses possibly saying something nasty to her. Madeline was present during the detention, She was the girl with the ponytail behind Sue Snell. She was seen in the callisthenics. She attended the Prom with her date and wore a blue gingham dress with a white ribbon on her head. When Carrie had the blood dropped on her, she presumably burst out into laughter with the rest of the students. During the mayhem, she is seen running with other students to a corner, trying to escape. When Cora, Rhonda, Frieda, Ernest, George, Miss Collins are carrying Tommy Ross's body, Pollack is seen running into a corner with her date and Trudy Bourne.

She presumably got incinerated or got electrocuted to death.


  • She, along withMary Blake and Mary Lila Grace are the only girls who were in detention that were not present during the shower incident.
  • She and Trudy are the 5th Mortimer Snerds members to be killed by Carrie.
  • Her tag name is “Madeleine”. However, that isn't her official name in the movie, but it is the name that the Carrie Wiki addresses her by.