Kenny Garson


Name: Kenny Garson
Role: Antagonist
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Foot crushed by bleachers and got knocked down
Portrayed by: Kyle Mac

Kenny Garson is a character and antagonist in "Carrie (2013)". He is portrayed by Kyle Mac.


Kenneth Garson, better known as Kenny, is one of two best friends of Billy Nolan. He helps Billy, Jackie and Chris collect the pigs blood for the prank.

While Jackie tried to hit the pig, he just stood there watching, not knowing what to do.

Kenny is not seen very much anymore until the prom mayhem begins. Kenny and Jackie are knocked down by Carrie´s telekinetic wave. He and Jackie get up and attempt to make an exit out the window by climbing the bleachers. The two let the bleachers out and begin climbing, but Carrie notices it and crushes Kenny's foot in it, knocking him off.

Jackie is also crushed from the torso. Their bodies supposedly burn with the others as the building crumbles and burns to the ground.


  • In a deleted scene, Kenny is seen smoking a cigarette and laughing at the same time while Billy was driving.
  • Kenny in the 2002 version was the date of Tina. He possibly helps her swap the ballots.