Kenny Garson was a major character in Carrie (2002) played by Miles Meadows

Kenny Garson was a student at Ewen High School and the brother of Lou Garson. He was one of the people, who tormented Carrie. He also was Tina’s boyfriend and one of the best friends of Billy Nolan. He helped the gang orchestrate the evil prank on Carrie White.

Kenny initially looked puzzled when seeing the bucket up in the rafters (as though wondering what could be taking Chris so long to pull the rope and pour the blood on Carrie).

When the bucket full of pigs blood falls on Carrie and Tommy is knocked out and killed, Kenny is the first to laugh along with Tina, and is shown to be very passionate in doing so (while also referring to Carrie as a “pig”, as though inspired by the pigs blood). However, it’s only when Helen angrily slaps him across the face (which Tina sees in both shock and anger) that he stops laughing.

Helen then goes to Tommy and Carrie to help them. After that Kenny and Tina attempt to leave, but they are trapped as Carrie closes all the doors. When this happens, Kenny´s arm is trapped between the doors and crushed.

He later dies by being electrocuted.