Jackie Talbot
Name: Jackson Talbot
Role: Antagonist/Bully
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Crushed by bleachers, possibly bisected.
Portrayed by: Max Topplin

Jackie Talbot is a character from "Carrie (2013)".


Jackie appears to be one of the more popular boys at school. He is Tina Blake's date to prom, and is seen dancing with Miss Desjardin to distract her, while Tina gets the video ready. He is one of Billy Nolan's friends, who went with him to the pig farm. He refused to kill the pig, showing that he was a coward, Billy then shoves him out of the way. He was seen being the date of Tina Blake at the prom. It is unknown whether if he was seeing her outside of school, but it is proven false because of her seducing Mr. Ulmann. However, they both kiss after he switches the ballots with Tina, but this just may be because of them being dates for the prom. He is best friends with Kenny Garson, rather obviously. At prom, when the prank works, the video plays, and he looks up happily surprised. Later after, he is seen with Tina laughing hysterically. When Tommy dies and Carrie snaps, he notices when Carrie levitates her blood, and tries to get Tina out of the prom along with him. He, along with everyone else gets slammed down by the telekinetic shockwave. While the disaster is going on, he and Kenny run up to the bleachers to move them to climb out the windows and Carrie notices them. She uses her TK to knock Kenny down and crushes Jackie between the bleachers, cutting him in half and making him spit out blood. His body presumably burns inside the crumbling school.


  • When we see him spitting out blood, he has a scar on his nose, possibly from getting hit by a hard object.
  • It is unknown if he was dating Tina. It's proven false.