George Dawson
George Dawson
Name: George Dawson
Role: Secondary Character
Status: Unknown(Final Cut)
Deceased (Director's Cut)
Cause of Death: Impaled by Star Decorations (Director's Cut)

George Dawson was a student who attended Ewen High School in the 2013 film Version of Carrie.

In the movie, he is seen getting out of the pool after playing volleyball. He is also seen putting on a towel & smiling at the Ultras.

Later, George is seen in the classroom listening to Carrie's poem with a bored look on his face. When the teacher insults Carrie, he doesn't laugh and just looks at the teacher. George is seen at the prom with his girlfriend Erika Gogan.

After Tommy introduces him to Carrie, they both play-wrestle each other with Tommy lightly giving him a noogie & they both laugh. Later, George and Tommy talk as Erika & Carrie chat about Carrie's dress.


When Tommy and Carrie go on the dance floor to dance to the slow song with his girlfriend, she smiles at Carrie and Tommy & he smiles too. They are then seen dancing, along with Tommy & Carrie and everyone else.

When Carrie and Tommy win, he claps with Erika, happy for them. He is seen clapping & smiling along with Erika. When Carrie and Tommy are drenched in pig's blood, he and Erika stop smiling & look shocked. George is seen with a grossed out and surprised expression.

When Carrie exposed her telekenetic powers and slams Miss Desjardin to the ground, he (along with everyone else) gasped. He gets slammed into the ground by the shockwave with the rest of the students and teachers.

George is seen near the end of the prom saying to a student, "Hey, come on, we gotta go!" He is last seen with a cut lip and a bruised face, watching in horror as Tina gets brutally whipped & then set on fire.