Don't bother about them. If they self-destruct, I'll dance with you.
Frieda to Carrie about Tommy and George

Frieda Jason is a character in Carrie (1976). She is portrayed by Noelle North. In the novel, Frieda is Jewish and is described as having a "Letter-Opener Nose". The amount she is in the novel adds up to two full pages of text, so not much is known about her. Also in most adaptations of Carrie, Frieda and Helen Shyres are one character.

Frieda, George and Prom Girl appear in a flashback in The Rage: Carrie 2.

Biography Edit

She is first seen sitting in front of Tommy Ross in English class. During the making of the Prom, she is seen helping Sue decorate the gym. Frieda asks Sue if the news about Tommy taking Carrie White to the prom is true. According to Frieda, Everyone is talking about it. Frieda and her prom date, George Dawson attend the Prom.

Frieda's Death

At the Prom. She wears a yellow tulle dress and compliments Carrie on her dress. When Carrie tells her she made it herself. Frieda also asks Carrie if she wants to dance after complimenting her dress. She was seen shocked when Carrie was covered with blood but Carrie hallucinates and imagines that Frieda was laughing at her. During the rampage. she and George start arguing with Mr. Fromm. When Mr. Fromm and Mr. Morton are electrocuted, it's possible see her for a brief second. Later, she, Along with George, Miss Collins, The Wilson Sisters, Ernest and The Beak attended to carry Tommy's body. But other people bump into them causing them thrown out of view. She presumably burns to death.

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