Freddy Holt 2013

Freddy Holt is one of the characters in Carrie. He was considered a nerd at Ewen High School. He is friends with Tommy Ross and is not seen to be very popular.

He is first seen when Carrie researches at the library. She looks over to him amazed because of his typing skills. Freddy also helps her widen the screen to full screen, but Carrie doesn't look at him because of her being upset/shy.

Freddy is later seen when Chris is yelling at Sue Snell because of her not sticking up for her and looks at Chris when she is yelling. He records Sue and Chris arguing, then stops shortly after. Heather Shyres sits down before the argument, frustrated and Freddy looks back at her.

Freddy is seen at the prom several times. He takes a video of Tommy saying he will miss all of his friends and good times at Ewen High School. When Carrie is covered in blood, he, (along with the rest of the students) and teachers are shocked. He records the humilitation of Carrie and the correspoding laughter.

When Freddy later attempts to record Carrie on his camera to record her powers while the massacre is occuring, Carrie sends a table smashing into his face out of rage because in her eyes he was recording her humiliation like the Ultras did during the shower incident. He is seen lying dead on the floor with a broken blood vessel and with his eyes wide open.

In a deleted scene, the authorities are able to salvage the recording of Carrie´s actions in Freddy´s camera.