Estelle Horan (Literary)

Estelle Horan was a neighbor of the Whites. She witnessed the Whites, how Ralph White died and she also saw Carrie as a child. She met her, when she was sunbathing and realised through the conversation with her, that her mother was insane. She witnessed the rocks coming to the White´s house, when Carrie´s mother was going to punish her for talking with her neighbour. Because of this event she moved away and lives in San Diego and has her own family there, but talked about these events after The Black Prom in an interview. It caused her a lot of stress talking about Carrie. She felt extremely sorry for Carrie and damned her mother for what she did to her.

Oddly, in Norma Watson's account of the prom disaster, she claims that Estelle was one of the students near her when the disaster happened. This couldn't be the case, since Estelle had moved to California many years ago and was much too old to be a student by this time.

It’s possible that she was referring to another woman of the same name.

Estelle Horan (1976)


Estelle Horan was meant to appear in the 1976 film, but the scene of the Rain of Stones was cut off from the film. So she and her mother, were excluded in the film. In the script, she is renamed "Stella Horan" and is described as an all-American sunbathing beauty of eighteen. Although she is excluded in the film, her scene was filmed. It is unknown as to who was the actress who played her.

Estelle Horan (2002)

Estelle Horan was played by Michaela Mann.
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Estelle Horan was the neighbor of the Whites. She had a good relation with Carrie the first time she met her, but hated her mother for her attitude towards her. It was the same day, when she witnessed the asteroids, who fell on the Whites' house after Margaret was punishing her daughter for having established contact with her. Her mother was the owner of the house. Carrie remembered her, when she used her telekinetic powers on Danny Erbter.

Estelle Horan (2013)

Carrie (2013) deleted scenes 02
She also appears in the 2013 remake in two deleted scenes.

She was Portrayed by Vanessa Smythe. She appears in the alternate opening when stones fall onto the house of the Whites and then in another scene where, as an older woman, she has to testify about Carrie before the White Commission.

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