Donna Kellogg is a minor character in Carrie (Novel) and an unseen character in Carrie (2002) and Carrie (2013).


She moved from Chamberlin, Main to Providence, Rhode Island in the fall of 1978. She was apparently one of Chris Hargensen's few close friends and a confidante. the latter is postmarked May 17, 1979: "So I'm Out Of The Prom And My Yellow-Guts Father Says He Won't Give Them What They Deserve. But They're Are Not Going To Get Away With It. I Don't Know Exactly What I'm Going To Do Yet. But I Guarantee You Everyone Is Going To Get A Big Fucking Surprise…"


Like the novel, She was a serial bully who had to leave Ewen High School during first grade because of her behaviour and had to move to Rhode Island. Chris, who was another bully and friend of hers, still kept contact with her to the extent of telling her through an e-mail about her intention on ruining the Prom.


She also appears in a deleted scene of the 2013 remake as Chris's friend. They communicate through the Internet too, and Chris also tells her about her intention onto ruining the Prom.
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