Chris Hargensen
Name: Christine Hargensen
Role: Main Antagonist
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Car thrown into tree and crushed in process with Billy.
Portrayed by: Emilie de Ravin

Christine Hargensen better known as Chris Hargensen is one of two main antagonists of Carrie (2002). She is portrayed by Emilie de Ravin.

She was very cruel and manipulative in this version, but later on also showed a marginal, softer side. As in the novel, she hesitated while pulling the rope. 


Chris was portrayed by Emilie de Ravin and was more similar to the "novels" Chris than Nancy Allen's version, showing more characteristics. At one point she attempted to convince Carrie that Sue was the "enemy." , thus, making her an evil character.

In this film, Chris is presented as a cruel, wicked and manipulative girl, however she does have some remorse in herself.

Chris was first introduced in the movie, annoyed because of Carrie missing the ball. She runs up to her after the game saying, "You suck." When Tina notices Carrie having her period, she is told and she throws tampons at her along with the rest of the Ultras. 

Earlier, after she was banned from the prom because of testing Ms. Desjarden and saying that she won't take place in detention, her father, the "big-time lawyer" John Hargensen (Michael Kopsa) threatened to have the gym teacher fired and take the school to court if her prom privileges were not restored.

However, Principal Morton did not cave in and countered by saying that he would battle Hargensen's suit on all fronts. He further stated that Chris belonged in either military school or jail for her countless acts of cruelty against the "reject" student population.

Unlike the other versions, however, Chris is shown having a certain tendency of changing her heart, becoming from the person she was before to a good-hearted, caring, compassionate person when seeing how happy Carrie was and was reluctant to drench pig's blood over Carrie as she was thinking of redeeming herself for what she did to her, but Billy pressured her to go along with the plot, making Chris uncomfortable, but she still did it which caused Tommy´s death on the way.

Billy attempted to run over Carrie during the rampage when they found her in the street and Chris half-pleas for him to stop (showing some remorse), but he doesn't and Carrie ends up stopping the car, sending it smashing into a tree which instantly kills her & Billy.


  • Chris bullied several students, especially Carrie.
  • She was friends with far away student Donna Kellogg to the extent of even telling her about her intention to ruin the Prom by e-mail.