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Barbra Lang
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Rachel Lang (daughter)
Ralph White (husband)
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Barbara Lang was the mother of Rachel, the protagonist of The Rage: Carrie 2. She was played by J.Smith-Cameron.


She was put in Arkham for schizophrenia when Rachel was a child after she had painted the House in red in an attempt to protect Rachel from "Evil Spirits". When Rachel was a teenager, she visited her from time to time. When the High School counselor, Sue Snell visited her in Arkham to find out who Rachel´s true father really is. She reluctantly admits, that Ralph White was Rachel´s real father and that she didn´t tell anyone, not even her own daughter to protect her. When Rachel refused to believe Sue regarding her real father Sue broke Barbara out of Arkham to convince her of the truth fearing another "Black Prom". They came too late and the Black Party occured. Barbara then saw her child as "the Devil" because of her power and left her.


  • It is unknown what happened to her after she left Rachel.