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Alice Litton's boyfriend is a minor character in Carrie (1976). He was Alice's date to the Prom.

He first seen walking down the stairs when Freddy is talking to Ernest about the Prom. He than attends the Prom with Alice talking to her and sitting with her. When Carrie and Tommy win Prom King and Queen he is seen standing next to Alice clapping and cheering for them. When the blood is dropped on Carrie, he and Alice are shocked but burst out into laughter along with the students and teachers. When the mayhem started he ran with Alice to escape the mayhem.

When Carrie leaves the Burning Prom, he and Alice are both seen running towards Carrie's direction but both move back to avoid her.


  • His real name is unknown. But his tag name is "Mikey Bracken".
  • It is unknown who portrayed him.
  • He is likely based on David Bracken from the novel.